I live in NY

Our projects, in partnership with the PowerMarket, will allow a small number of New Yorkers and upstaters to be amongst the first subscribers in a project of this kind.


- You'll save money on your electricity bill (8-10%)!

- You'll be one of a small number of New Yorkers to join one of the first community solar projects in this area.   

- You'll still get your electricity from the same provider!  Your monthly bills will just be supporting a brand new solar project built right here in our community.

By signing on, you lease a portion of a new solar farm that will be built as a result of your support.  And because of reimbursements provided by your utility company, you'll save money by joining the project.

Get in touch at the contact info below to learn how to join.

I live in another state

Sign up with our clean energy partner Arcadia Power to support clean energy via your monthly utility bill!  You can sign up now for the 50% renewables option for FREE!  Sign up now and get $10 off your next utility bill.  


- Arcadia will buy wind energy every month on your behalf.

- They will look out for less expensive energy supply options in your area each month and automatically switch you over to start saving you money.

- They will give you tips on becoming more energy efficient.  

And it'll take you just a matter of minutes to have a monthly impact.


The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirmed that climate change is already devastating ecosystems and communities across the world—more so than scientists had expected. In order to preserve life on earth as we know it, we must act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Despite the disappointing outcome in Washington during the November election, several states are better positioned than ever to pass comprehensive climate policy in 2019. We're gearing up for a successful year and need YOU to help us win!

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