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Hi, I am Lana, the founder of Earth Ahead. Environmentalist, animal lover, foodie, meditation and plant-based diet advocate.

I believe in the wholistic approach to health and well-being and find that healthy diet, meditation and yoga provide the nourishment my body & mind need to thrive in a busy New York City.

I also believe in looking at the bigger picture, bringing mindfulness and sense of humor wherever I go, staying positive and doing random acts of kindness.

I think that nothing is more important than our health and the health of our environment - without it there is no life and everything else is pointless. And that is the reason for everything I do on this website.


Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program at eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies;

300-hour Meditation Teacher Training Program at MNDFL Meditation Center in NYC.

Lana Smith

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