Solid Dish Soap 11.5 oz

  • Finally, a perfect solution to one of the hardest zero waste kitchen swaps!


    Ditch toxic liquid dish soap in a plastic bottle for this natural, vegan, unscented Solid Dish Soap by Bestowed Essentials.


    Using the power of french green clay, sea salt, and natural oils it lathers great and cleanses even greasiest dishes well. 


    These 11.5 oz bars will last a LONG time, depending on your household size and number of dishes washed. 


    They are handmade and hand cut and therefore may slightly vary in shape. They come unpackaged and unlabeled for zero waste, and always ship 100% plastic-free using compostable/recyclable materials.


    How to use: Wet a sponge, dish brush (for plates) or a scrubber (for pots and pans) and rub the Solid Dish Soap block to create suds. Wash items in warm or cold water and rinse well. 


    To soak dishes, pots or pens, hold the Solid Dish Soap in your hands and let the water to run over it and into the dishes.


    • Vegan
    • Palm oil-free
    • Zero waste
    • Handmade in the USA