SoL To-Go Cup / Tumbler 12 oz

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  • SoL's 12oz hand blown glass tumblers are chemical and plastic free.  Won't absorb residual tastes, odours or germs, and won’t leach chemicals into your beverage. Easily take it with you - wherever you go - and know that you are doing both the environment, and your health a favour.


    Includes glass cup with matching silicone sleeve & silicone spill free lid. You'll catch yourself admiring this cute tumbler. Packaged nicely in a matching gift box, so you can easily give it as a gift to yourself, or a loved one.



    End of Life:


    Glass cups are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.


    Silicone, which is made from silica found in sand, is a highly durable, non-toxic material.


    Silicone is closer to the rubber family than plastic and can be recycled. If a silicone product ends up in nature, after a few decades it will break down into small particles that are harmless to the environment, which is a huge advantage when compared to plastic.

  • SoL Cups, Founded by Rebecca Veksler is an Australian owned company, born from a desire to make a reusable cup that is plastic free and won’t compromise your health.


    After a life changing year, overcoming Autoimmune and health obstacles, Sol Cups was born out of a mission to share her family’s knowledge and passion of health with as many people as possible:


    "We choose to use hand blown glass because it is a more sustainable and ethical manufacturing process, to suit our plastic free mission.

    We’ve done in-depth research about the harmful impact the use of plastics has on the human body and environment, and we want to share our passion for wellbeing with as many people as possible. A journey from personal health and a desire to make the world a cleaner and greener place, Sol cups are designed to work with your drink, with your body and with the environment."