Medium Mesh Produce Bags 3-Pack

  • Eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags by opting for these reusable, lightweight and above all biodegradable produce bags made of 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. They are great for holding fruits and vegetables.


    Organic is the greenest of the cotton options as it is grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. 


    One pack includes 3 Medium bags measuring 10"W x 12"H.


    Individual Bag is one single Medium bag.


    How To Care:


    Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent and hang to dry or lay on a flat surface.  We do not recommend the use of fabric softeners. 


    The bags may shrink a little bit after the first wash. This is completely normal for natural cotton. If there are stains on your bags, you can use our natural stain remover.


    End of Life:


    The product and packaging are 100% recyclable and compostable.

  • Eco-Bags Products, Inc. opened for business in 1989 with a simple goal: to produce quality bags at great prices so that "Reusable becomes a way of life." They understood that single-use plastic bags are wasteful and costly to the environment and citizens and that "bringing our own bags" (BYOB) would make a difference.


    ECOBAGS® brand products have always been produced in socially responsible environments, even before "social responsibility" was a buzz term. They ensure that all of their products are Fair Wage & Fair Labor Certified.


    Their business choices are driven by two age-old sayings… "Leave no trace," and "Do no harm." They believe we can be agents of change and influence culture by generating & extending these conversations and producing goods to support this way of living.

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