Conscious Skincare Organic Shampoo – Cypress and Sage

Pump Option
  • Conscious Skincare Organic Shampoo contains a hair-loving blend of active ingredients and essential oils for truly natural hair care routine. Carefully blended Cypress, Sage and Lavender essential oils give this shampoo a fresh, earthy fragrance.


    This shampoo is sulfate-free  and doesn't contain harsh ingredients known for causing irritation and scalp sensitivity. It is perfect for all hair types.


    For a plastic-free refill, simply save the pump from your first bottle and select "without pump" option when you make a repeat purchase.


    Pro-vitamin b5 deeply moisturizes the hair and nourishes the scalp. It also helps to protect it from the rigours of modern life and pollution.


    Cosmetic prebiotic (inulin) helps soothe irritations and restore a natural balance of your skin. It acts like food for good bacteria, but cannot be processed by undesirable bacteria and improves the skin's natural barrier function. 


    Jojoba oil is full of nutrients including vitamins E and B which help improve the health and shininess of hair. It hydrates and retains moisture in the hair follicles without leaving residue.


    Cypress essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and  can help treat dandruff and relieve symptoms of flaking and itching of the scalp.


    Sage essential oil strengthens hair strands and follicles, helps prevent hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth. It works by reducing product build up in your hair often caused by mainstream chemical based products.


    Lavender essential oil has antimicrobial properties and may prevent itchy scalp or dandruff. It helps curb skin inflammations and stimulates hair growth.




    - The entire Conscious Skincare range has been given ‘Best Buy’ status by;


    - EWG VERIFIED™ : avoids EWG’S ingredients of concern;


    - Highly Commended in the 2018 Janey Loves Platinum Awards: Natural and Organic Haircare Category;


    Net Wt: 7.5 oz / 235 ml. 


    How to use:


    Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage into hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly. Please handle the glass bottle carefully.


    Follow with Organic Cypress and Sage Conditioner if required.


    • Vegan
    • Palm oil-free
    • Gluten-free


    Here is what Conscious Skincare customers say about this product:

    "Love it! I have a lot of allergies and these are the best shampoos I have been able to find that don’t have coconut oil!" -Rachel


    End of Life: The glass bottle and metal lid are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.