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Green Giving Made Easy: Our Guide to Eco-friendly Holiday Shopping

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

In keeping up with our holiday tradition, we wanted to procure the perfect list of eco-friendly products for your gift giving this year. From beauty to fashion to kitchen we have a variety of products you can share with your loved ones this holiday season and sneak in a little something for yourself while you’re at it 😉. Take a look below and don’t forget to spread the love!

1. Conscious Skincare: Clean, Luxurious Skin & Hair Care Products For A Guaranteed Clean And Fresh Season

The holiday season typically falls under the dry season so give the gift of a clean scalp and hydrated skin with Conscious Skincare. Infused with Cypress and Sage oils and scents, the All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner will immediately spark joy while the Sweet Orange and Frangipani scented body wash, body lotion and oil trio will kickstart those holiday tastebuds. Right on time for some spiked citrusy mulled wine!

Fun fact: Earth Ahead is currently the only shop in the US carrying this amazing brand so get it while it's hot!


2. All-natural Skin and Beard Care For The Eco-Friendly Guy in Your Life

While we’re on the subject of Conscious Skincare, check out their shower gel and lotion made just for men!

You can’t go wrong with the musk of amyris, cinnamon, bergamot and frankincense essential oils during the holiday season – sexy AND appropriate. A gift packed with great scents and clean ingredients? Yes, please.

We can’t forget to include Craftsman Soap Company on this list – a customer hit, this past year! They’ve got his beard and your nostrils covered with beard soaps, balms, oils and more and we highly recommend these as stocking stuffers – it's guaranteed to be a hit.


3. Mountain Scene, But Make It Fashion

It’s generally hard to find eco-friendly fashion accessories but Honest Outlaw has got you covered. These individually crafted, laser-cut, hand-painted birch earrings are inspired by the Rocky Mountains and is a unique way to show your appreciation for the nature and mountain lover in your life. Inspire them with the Round Studs or Dangling Earrings and don’t forget to mention they’re made with stainless steel and silver hypoallergenic ear hooks- no stains here! Enjoy as sets or mix-and-match according to mood.

P.S. We may or may not have gifted this to ourselves this holiday season. =)


4. Conscious Step: Socks That Help You Take an Eco-Friendly Step Forward

Let’s face it, the older we get the more we love receiving essentials as gifts. No longer a gift just for dads, socks are the perfect present that you can’t ever go wrong with. Besides for the cool designs, organic cotton material, the vegan and sustainable aspects, Conscious Step gives every customer a chance to feel like a superhero. With every purchase follows an extraordinary purpose. Each pair of socks contributes to varying causes from LGBTQ groups, rainforest and arctic protection all the way to saving animals. The perfect gift to keep those toes warm and the planet a little safer.


5. Pamper Your Loved One with the UpCircle Collection

At Earth Ahead, we strongly believe that skincare is a personalized regiment. Different skin types rely on different ingredients, however, UpCircle has proven to be a brand loved and appreciated by many and we encourage you to share the love this year! It’s hard to choose just one UpCircle product to rave about when each one has such uniquely curated ingredients. One major ingredient which the company was founded upon is coffee grinds. Owners, William and Anna Brightman collect coffee grinds discarded by coffee shops all over London to create sustainable, all-natural products that have real results for the eco-conscious user. Let’s be honest, we all have that one friend who loves coffee and natural skincare all the same – be the thoughtful friend who gifts them the UpCircle Organic Face Serum With Coffee Oil & the Eye Cream With Maple & Coffee and try our best-selling Face Moisturizer with Argan Powder for yourself ;)


6. Green Living on the Go: SoL To-Go Tumbler and Reusable Utensil Sets

Our personal favorites this year have been the SoL To-Go Tumblers and Reusable Utensil Sets because it reminds us that slowly but surely, we’re getting back into the groove of socializing and eating out. Let’s keep the good vibes going by giving friends and family the best on-the-go gifts so they can enjoy lunch dates and coffee runs while keeping plastic use at bay.


7. Give The Gift of Intentional Healing With Begin Within - A Daily Healing Journal

Keeping your pantry and medicine cabinet in order is one thing, keeping up with your health and well-being patterns is a whole new level of organization that we want to make easier by offering the Begin Within Daily Healing Journal. This clever journal helps keep up with physical and mental health by tracking things like sleep cycles, bowel movements, self-care regiments and even promotes daily gratitude which, in our eyes, is a type of sustainability that needs to be encouraged more often. Promote good health habits by giving this daily healing journal to someone who needs a helping hand this year!


8. No Leather, No problem – Cork it Up

Back by popular demand, Tiradia’s Natural Cork products are a few of our best-selling items and we couldn’t help putting them back on this list with added products and colors. We love a good style, comfort and sustainability combo and that’s exactly what you’ll get out of these bad boys. Often compared to leather, cork is a durable and water-resistant material yet, unlike its counterpart, it is the lightest material a tote can be without compromising aesthetics. Try them out for yourself today!


9. Artisanal Linen Kitchen Accessories

An obvious choice to put on our holiday gift list this year was the Linen Tales Eucalyptus Apron and matching Towels. At least one cooking session is pretty much guaranteed during holiday seasons so give the cook in your life an earthy, good quality but sustainable yet beautiful apron to show off. A family-owned business, Linen Tales’s goal was to hold onto the durability of Lithuanian linen but leave out the grey roughness and introduce style and comfort that inspires the eco-friendly chefs out there. We personally have a hard time choosing between the white and natural color options but hopefully you’ll have an easier time ;)


10. A Perfect Gift of Self Care: Rose Quartz & Elasticity Serum Gift Set

We can’t help but still rave about the Rose Quartz and Elasticity Serum Set because nothing can compare to a moment of Zen and relaxation during these last couple of years. More than ever, it is important to make time for self-care. The healing powers of the cool rose quartz stone automatically transcends you into a meditative state for those few minutes of your beauty routine. You didn’t hear it from us, but we even know a couple of burly men who love to sit on the couch and just roll away.


11. Reusable Cotton Bags - The Gift of Never Using a Plastic Bag Again

Saving the best for last, we are very proud and excited to include the Market Tote Bag and Everyday Cotton & Mesh Tote to this list because we finally have the Earth Ahead name on a beautiful and very practical product. Made out of cotton so it's easily compostable, these French inspired totes are the perfect gift to replace plastic bags with because you can easily fold them up and throw them into your bag without worrying if they’ll be taking up space. We also highly recommend using these deliciously creamy totes in place of gift wrap to store gifts under the tree this year! Stylish, resourceful and sustainable? We’re here for it.


We hope to have inspired your gift giving options with our curated list of earth-friendly goodies. Let Earth Ahead be a part of your festivities this year and don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us so we can witness the love! We wish you all a healthy, eco-conscious and sustainable holiday!

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