Our planet is our home. Recent reports on climate change, fresh water scarcity and the accumulation of plastic pollution in the environment reveal that our home is becoming unhealthy to live in. Many species of animals, fish and other organisms are becoming extinct, which changes the eco systems. And our own survival is now under threat.

Earth Ahead was created to promote green & every-living-being-friendly lifestyle for a clean & happy Earth now and in the future ahead. We want to help preserve, protect and support the valuable resources of our precious planet. 

Our goal is to create awareness and give you access to the best eco-friendly products and services to make it easy for you to enjoy green lifestyle. Lets start making a real difference for our environment right now and for the future generations to come!



At Earth Ahead we think about the future and believe that awareness is always the first step. In today's climate looking at the bigger picture is critical when making decisions and choices about where to spend (invest) our consumer dollars (vote). When we buy products packaged in plastic we invest in plastic industry and destruction of our world.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are three simple principles at the core of eco-friendly lifestyle. At Earth Ahead we aim to help people reduce their plastic waste and fossil fuel consumption by spreading the awareness and offering plastic-free reusable alternatives. We also help to plant more trees to offset the use on natural resources.


We believe that happy planet is a safe planet for everyone. With modern knowledge and technology there is no need to exploit living beings for fur, meat and other resources. This causes unjust suffering, negatively impacts our environment and backfires in the long run. Just look at the source of Covid-19 pandemic.


We dedicate part of our profits to support organizations that provide care for refugees, kids & women in tough circumstances, as well as movements for basic human rights such as Black Lives Matter.



According to the nonprofit Plastic Oceans, the world produces almost  300 million tons of plastic each year - half of it, 150 million tons, we only use once. It takes 500 - 1,000 years for plastic to biodegrade. Which means that every plastic item ever made still exists!

Only nine percent of the plastics ever created have actually been recycled. Therefore, we cannot recycle our way out of plastic pollution.

Plastic breaks down into very small particles called "microplastics." Microplastic pollution has polluted the entire planet, from Arctic snow and Alpine soils to the deepest oceans. The particles can harbour toxic chemicals and harmful microbes. They are being eaten by marine animals and ending up in the food chain and our tap water. 

Read our Blog post about what you can do to help stop plastic pollution.

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